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Dr Robin Wood
Dr Robin Wood, Director of The Diana, Princess of Wales, HIV Research Foundation, completed his undergraduate training at Oxford, London University, post-graduate training in Internal Medicine at the University of Cape Town, and Infectious Diseases training at Stanford Medical School, California, USA.
Dr Wood is presently the Head of the Department of Medicine, Somerset Hospital and a senior lecturer at University of Cape Town. Since 1993 he has supervised the first dedicated HIV clinic in the Western Cape at Somerset Hospital (Cape Town, South Africa).
Dr Wood's major research interests are in the fields of infectious diseases and HIV. He has published widely in the areas of HIV management, tuberculosis interaction with HIV and new drug development.

Elizabeth R. Fielder
Sister Fielder saw her first HIV/AIDS patients in South Africa in 1984. Her interest in HIV/AIDS developed from this encounter and she was instrumental in setting up the out-patient HIV/AIDS clinic at Somerset Hospital. In 1991, Sister Fielder received a Merit Award from Rotary Club, Green Point, for her outstanding service to the community in the service of nursing. In the same year, she also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the South African Nursing Association for her work with HIV/AIDS patients.
In 1997, together with Dr Robin Wood, Sister Fielder started the Clinical Research Department at Somerset Hospital. At present Sister Fielder works with various international drug companies as a study co-ordinator for HIV/AIDS drug trials conducted by The Diana, Princess of Wales, HIV Research Unit.

Joan Aploom
Sister Aploom is a registered nurse and midwife with a clinical teaching certificate. She has worked at Somerset Hospital for nearly 16 years. During this time, her work has included teaching at the Clinical Teaching Department and caring for HIV patients in the intensive care unit and high care unit at Somerset Hospital.
Sister Aploom started at the Clinical Research Department at Somerset Hospital in October 1998. She is part of the original team that set up the pharmacokinetic unit at the The Diana, Princess of Wales, HIV Research Unit where she works as a study co-ordinator.

Susan A. Johnson
Sister Johnson, a graduate of Groote Schuur Hospital, is a registered nurse, midwife and community health and psychiatric nurse. She completed her English National Board HIV/AIDS certificate (Thames Valley University, England) in 1996. During this time in England, Sister Johnson developed a special interest in HIV/AIDS and research which led her to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital which has a dedicated HIV facility. In addition, she worked at Charter House, a company specialising in Phase I and II clinical research trials.
Sister Johnson combines her interest in research, HIV and drug trials through her work at the Clinical Research Department at Somerset Hospital.

Dr Linda-Gail Bekker
Dr Linda-Gail Bekker is a physician who is currently completing her Ph.D as Fogharty Fellow at Rockefeller and Columbia Universities, New York, USA. She co-ordinates the Sizophila Project and community interaction. Her research interests include the host response to tuberculosis (TB) infection.

Dr Gary Maartens
Dr Gary Maartens is associate professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and heads the HIV Clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital. He trained n Cape Town and completed an infectious diseases fellowship in Birmingham, UK. He has published widely in the field of infectious diseases and serves on local and national health policy committees.

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