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The Diana, Princess of Wales
HIV Research Foundation

The Diana, Princess of Wales HIV Research Foundation is committed to the pursuit of excellence in research, training and treatment of HIV and infectious diseases in southern Africa.
The Foundation, dedicated to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, has developed under the directorship of Dr Robin Wood and was opened officially by the British Consul General in 1998.
The Foundation has a strong link with Somerset Hospital, Cape Town, a hospital with a long and interesting history: it was the first teaching hospital and nursing college in South Africa and in 1994 was the site of the first dedicated HIV clinic in Cape Town.
The Foundation incorporates diverse activities in the fields of HIV and infectious disease in Cape Town. These include the HIV Research Unit at Somerset Hospital, several community based projects a health economics research and consulting service and Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Unit at the Lung Institute, University of Cape Town (UCT).

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